Mandy is a Battersea girl through and through, born on the 14th December 1971 on the floor of Prices Candles factory in York Rd., Battersea. When her mother gave birth to Mandy Diana Dors, all the factory workers cheered and clapped. She can still remember that moment, and that is what inspired her to perform.
She was singing and dancing from the age of 9 months old and had her first stage performance aged 1 year as the baby Jesus at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church (Battersea) nativity play where she received a standing ovation.
At the age of 13 months her mother started to take her to full time nursery called Battersea Central Mission, and this is where she met her husband to be Phil. Phil was just 9 months old.
They grew up together and went to primary school together where they were inseperable. At the age of 11 Mandy and Phil had to go to different Secondary Schools. Mandy went to Notredame in Battersea - An all-girls school.
The strict nuns there knew she would do well and one report even quotes "Mandy would do well in a circus, but clowning around in a class room is not acceptable". Mandy said it was one of the best compliments she had ever received.
Miss Gap left school at the age of 16 with very good grades in her exam results, but her music teacher said to her... "You have a talent that the eyes and ears cannot see" - Mandy has proved them right.
On the 4th Dec 1989 Mandy & Phil were married at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Battersea
and on the 13th September 1990, Mandy gave birth to twins, A boy and A girl.
Mandy is a singer/songwriter/actress. Her show is all about herself, though she does speak and write fond songs of people that have been involved with her through out her life and things that mean alot to her. Trouble is most of her friends and famous people steall her tunes!!! As well as performing she is a Tube Train Driver and Station Announcer.
You will no doubt love Mandy and her show. You'll leave either thinking "What a show!" or "What show was that?".
Either way you can't help but love her!!!
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